Welcome to Explorers. Our teacher is called Mrs Nicholl and Mrs Cooke and Miss Crooks are our teaching assistants.

Welcome back to Nursery! We are all very excited for the term ahead and have already started to learn about the golden rules and how to keep our classroom happy and safe. 

The children are very excited about their new topic, “Am I the Fastest?”

 This topic will develop the children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about sports, physical activity and outdoor play.

  • We will be learning about:
  • About things that are fast and slow;
  • How to use our bodies for different sports, games and play;
  • Different sports and equipment;
  • About different sports and understanding rules. 


  • - Go to the park and play a game of football.
  • - Going swimming
  • - Watch different sports events on television.
  • - Make up a game with a set of rules.
  • - Go to the local sports centre and watch or take part in a sports group
  • - Make a model of your favourite sport.
  • - Make a piece of sports equipment such as, a tennis racket.
  • - Visit the local library and borrow a selection of sports related books. 

Thank for your continued support with Tapestry. I hope that you continue to add photographs, comments and clips on to your child’s account. If you have any questions regarding Tapestry don’t hesitate to ask any of the early year’s team. 

The Easter Assembly..."They were all fantastic, I can't believe how good he has got at story telling!"
Marcus's Mummy, Nursery.
"I like learning about daffodils, they are the best because they are my favourite yellow flower."
"I can't wait to find out about the dinosaurs, they're just the best!
Alfie, Nursery

Information and reminders

  • Every Wednesday morning starting the 19th of April until the 24th of May Gainsborough Trinity coach, Paul, will be teaching us early football skills! Children can bring/wear their trainers on these dates!
  • Don't forget to upload your holiday pictures and activities to Tapestry!
  • Home learning tasks are set at the start of the term. Children can bring them in on any day.
  • As the weather is getting warmer can you ensure that your child brings a water bottle and a named sun hat to school.
  • Children must have a coat at school.
  • Children should be reading/being read too for at least 10 minutes a night.


New Reception Meeting 14th June 9:15 am

The Foundation Stage Children (Nursery and Reception) will be going to Cleethorpes on Thursday 13th of July. The children will be going on the beach, having a paddle, playing games and having sand castle competitions. 

The children will be leaving at approximately 9:15am and return by 3:30pm. 

Please ensure that your child has a backpack containing:

- A sun hat

- Water bottles containing water

- A waterproof coat

- A spare set of clothes

- A packed lunch (nursery children only)

- A towel

Your child can come in normal clothes, but please ensure that they wear their school sweatshirt. This is for identification purposes.

Please apply sun cream to your child prior to the trip. If your child requires travel sickness medication please ensure that they have the tablet before coming to school. Please put another tablet in an envelope with your child's name on it for the return journey.

Please fill in the reply slip and return it as soon as possible.

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