Welcome to Astronauts class. Our Teacher is called Mrs Nicholl and Mrs Wright and Miss Hardy are our Teaching Assistants.

Welcome to your first year at school! We are all very excited for the term ahead and have already started to learn about the golden rules and how to keep our classroom happy and safe. 

We have P.E. on a Wednesday with Mrs McKay and Friday with Mr Farary! We are learning to get changed all by ourselves!

Once a week we will be practicing our phonics and reading with Mrs Crooks. 

The children are very excited about their new topic, “What is a Reflection?”

 This topic will develop the children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about mirrors, reflection and symmetry.

We will be learning about:

·         About details of my own reflection;

·         About things that are the same and things that are different;

·         Materials that are shiny and those that are not;

·         Materials that reflect and those that do not;

·         How mirrors can be used to create symmetry and symmetrical patterns.



·         Make a collage of shiny objects and materials i.e. spoons, foil, baubles etc.

·         Go on a reflection walk and notice what you see.

·         Go for a walk along a river and take photos of reflections.

·         Look at pictures, paintings or books with reflections in them and write about what I can see.

·         Draw, paint or create a picture of my reflection. Use some describing words to describe what I can see in the mirror.

·         Look at symmetrical patterns in nature i.e. leaves butterflies and draw, paint or make them.

·         Create a dance that has movement using both sides of my body. 

"Marcus is just so excited to be starting Big School!"
Marcus's Mummy
"At school I'm learning to write my name all by Myself!"

Ideas to support your Child’s learning at home:

  • Read and share stories about friends and relationships.
  • Share family and friends photographs and experiences.
  • Create models, paintings and pictures of family members.
  • Discuss sharing and responsibilities.

We would really love to see the work that your children do at home. Please bring pictures of any WOW moments or anything you do with your child into school so we can display it on the homework board.

The class is very welcoming and the teachers are friendly and approachable. Lovely to see the progress Mason has made since it started in September
Mason's Mummy
"Astronauts is AWESOME"

Information and reminders


  • PE kits need to be in school everyday
  • Home learning tasks are set at the start of the term. Children can bring them in on any day.
  • Children must have a coat at school
  • Children should be reading/being read too for at least 10 minutes a night

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