Welcome to Year 3. Our teacher is Miss White. Mrs Farrow and Mrs Hardy are teaching assistants in Year 3.


  • How many songs can you list that mention water or rivers? Get your family and friends to help – and then have some fun singing a selection!
  • Help organise your family’s recycling, taking the glass to a bottle bank or visiting your local household waste recycling centre.
  • Visit a river and test the flow by playing Pooh sticks. It’s easy… just drop a stick from a bridge into the water and let it race your friends’ sticks to the other side!
  • Visit a gallery and look at river paintings. Why do you think so many artists are inspired by water?
  • Draw, paint or take photos of a beautiful river scene.
  • Grow something edible using soil. Potatoes are easy to grow and tasty to eat!
  • Be a landscape gardener! Visit a garden centre and look at water features. Could you make one in your garden? You’ll need water, soil, pipes and jugs and maybe some pretty stones.
  • Go pond dipping. Take a net and a light-coloured bowl or bucket to get a good view of your collected specimens. Remember to put back any creatures you catch into the pond.
  • Help a member of your family to wash a car or visit an automatic carwash. Which method do you think uses least water?
  • Make a rain gauge and use it to measure rainfall in your garden.
  • Put on wellies on a wet day and go on a puddle expedition. See who can find the biggest puddle, then splash through it!
  • Place different items in a puddle or water-filled container to see which ones float and which ones sink
  • Find out how to save water around the home. Make a list of top tips to advise your family on water conservation.
  • Join adult volunteers and take part in a river clean up day. Find out if there is an active river or canal trust conservation group in your local area.
  • Be a responsible citizen. If you spot pollution, such as oil on the beach, whilst you are out with your family, report it to the local council. If you suspect a stream is polluted, report it to the Environment Agency.
We do lots of activities that are very fun.
I love learning in my classroom. The teachers help us to do our best.
John Paul

Information and reminders

  • On Monday we go swimming at Gainsborough Leisure Centre
  • PE kit needs to be in school every day (swimming kit on a Monday)
  • We have PE on Tuesday (Cricket with Mr Friary). This term it is dance
  • Spellings go home on a Monday ready for our spelling test the following Friday
  • Home learning is sent out at the beginning of term and can be brought in at any point throughout the term
  • Children need to regularly practice their multiplication tables. By the end of Year 3 they should know: 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 8s and 10s.Multiplication tables test will take place on a Friday
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