Our teacher is called Mrs Aslett and Mrs Lovely and Miss Nicholls our teaching assistant.

Being at school is really fun, we learn lots of new things.

                                                           Year 5

                                                       Summer 2


Let’s grow! Beautiful flowers and tempting herbs. Dig deep and put your back in to it. Nurture your plants and see them flourish.

Harvest crops and use a range of produce to make soups and dishes of seasonal foods. Learn about farms and where food comes from, writing reports on worldwide produce.

Discover the insides of a plant. Learn the names for all the parts of a flower and then use your art skills to admire their beauty.

After all that hard work, have your fingers gone green?

Homework ideas:

  • Plant some of your own plants at home. Record their growth with pictures. Could you measure them and display this measurement on a chart?
  • Write a letter to persuade people to look after their environment
  • Collect images of flowers and plants from magazines to create a collage.
  • Design your own dream garden. Make detailed sketches and label your areas and features.
  • Make your own flower arrangements with some flowers you have grown.
  • Make your own bird feeders to attract birds to your garden. Try and identify and keep track of the birds that arrive.
  • Plan some healthy meals for you and your family that use local produce.
  • Find the food miles travelled for ingredients in your cupboard.
  • Present some information about the lifecycle of an animal of your choosing.
  • Keep track of any living things you see in your garden. Present these results to the class.

We look forward to seeing your amazing homework!

Information and reminders

  • PE kits need to be in school every day
  • Home learning tasks are set at the start of the term. Children can bring them in on any day
  • Spellings go out on a Friday (to be learnt for the following week)
  • Children should be reading for at least 10 minutes a night
  • Children must practise multiplication tables regularly


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