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26th April 2017 Class: Year 1 Blog Sam Coy

The afternoon children in Explorer Class have been learning all about Oral Health and how we best care for our teeth. On Monday, Gina from Lincolnshire Smiles came to talk to us all about "happy" foods, "sad" foods and all about visiting the dentist. We enjoyed playing games, smelling the tooth paste, meeting her toothy monster and dressing up as the dentist!

Lincolnshire Smiles' Information for Parents​

One in 4 children in Lincolnshire has tooth decay. Last year over 300 children received a General Anesthetics to have decayed teeth removed. Tooth decay is largely preventable through brushing twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, regular visits to the dentist and reducing the amount and frequency of  sugary foods and drinks.

Lincolnshire Smiles is a new County wide supervised toothbrushing initiative for Early Years Settings and Schools designed to reduce dental decay in our children.

We are introducing supervised toothbrushing in schools to support parents and carers in developing good oral health routines in children.  Supervised toothbrushing consists of children brushing their teeth daily for 2 minutes in class with fluoride toothpaste, overseen by a teacher. They will be provided with individual marked brushes which are stored in racks with lids that prevent brushes touching each other.


Smiles Toothbrushing Top Tips for Parents and Carers [ WORD, 737.83 KB ]
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