Can you improve your maths?

How well do you know your times tables?


 Do you know what 3 x 4 is? How many 9’s are there in 72? What is 54 ÷ 6?

We want all our children at Benjamin Adlard to know their times tables inside out, back to front and even standing on their heads!





Our aim at Benjamin Adlard is to improve the general standards in mathematics across school by driving a whole school approach to learning times tables and related division facts. A full understanding of the number system, the patterns represented by the times tables and their inverse relationship with division, is key to helping your child understand many areas of mathematics including fractions and percentages.


Enjoy learning your multiplication tables
Mr Brown

Fancy a challenge?

How many of the questions below can you answer in 5 minutes?

A few of our staff had a go and their results have been posted.

Some of them need to do extra homework but Mrs Glover is the one to beat as she completed all 100 in a staggering 2 minutes!

Download the questions below


Teacher results for Race 1 (strict timing was used by Mr Brown)

Mr Coy: 88 completed        Mr Brown: 100 completed       Mrs Marshall: 92 completed     Mrs Glover: 100 (in 2 mins!!)

            Miss O’Reilley:78 completed                 Mrs Pacey: 77 completed                Miss Wisdom: 94 completed


Further results will follow as certain teachers were conveniently busy when asked to participate in the challenge.

If you take part in any of the challenge races at home, let your teacher know the results and we will post them on our website. This also applies to any parents/grandparents/carers who also wish to take part and help support our whole school approach to raising standards in mathematics.

Thank you for supporting our school.


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