Welcome to Explorers. Our teacher is called Mrs Nicholl and Mrs Cooke and Miss Crooks are our teaching assistants.

The children are very excited about their new topic,

“Why do spiders eat flies?”

This topic will develop the children’s curiosity, understanding, knowledge

and imagination about mini beasts and small creatures.

Image result for spidersWe will be learning;

  • How spiders and mini beasts feed and grow,
  • About life cycles,
  • How creatures change over time,
  • How mini beasts move to find food, water, shelter and escape from danger,
  • Different environments, habitats and the creatures who live there,
  • How to respect and take care of small creatures.


To support our learning this term, we will be attending the Forest School with Mr Groves every Tuesday morning. We are all extremely excited about this and can’t wait to get our wellies on and go exploring.



  • Make creatures using junk modelling.
  • Go on a mini beast hunt.
  • Paint pictures of creatures in your garden.
  • Make a mini beast fact file.
  • Make creature homes and shelters.
  • Invent your own mini beast

"I love school because I see my friends!"
Lola, 3.
"My favourite colour is green, we learned about numbers today!"
John James
"I can't wait to find out about the dinosaurs, they're just the best!
Alfie, Nursery

Information and reminders

  • Don't forget to upload your holiday pictures and activities to Tapestry!
  • Home learning tasks are set at the start of the term. Children can bring them in on any day.
  • Children must have a coat at school.
  • Children should be reading/being read too for at least 10 minutes a night.

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