Curriculum at Benjamin Adlard

As an Academy we provide a broad and balanced curriculum to include English, Maths and Science and to make provision for the teaching of Religious Education. Beyond this we have the freedom to design a curriculum which meets the pupils’ needs, aspirations and interests (DfE 2012).

At Benjamin Adlard Primary School, we have developed an inspiring and engaging curriculum, which we know will engage your child in enjoying their learning and achieving their potential. We plan our curriculum around exciting themes using the cornerstones curriculum documents. Each year group works an exciting and engaging topic with objectives that link clearly to the new national curriculum. We call this our ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’.

Each theme is centered around an exciting ‘WOW’ day or event. We link children’s learning environments to the key themes to inspire and excite pupils in their learning. Our reading areas also link to our topics immersing children into their learning. Our Wow Days include experiences like a visit, visitors to school or exciting dress up days. The topics we choose to do in classes have a range of focuses including History, Geography, Science and Music. This ensures children get taught a broad and balanced curriculum. RE is taught discretely with children learning about all major world religions. Our English curriculum links directly to our Topic themes, where we use exciting books and films about the theme as starting points to lead on to success in reading and writing. Grammar is planned carefully into our English themes to ensure coverage and progression.

Math’s is taught directly from the national curriculum as a discrete subject, with all year groups following a clear and focused plan to ensure coverage of all mathematical areas and skills. However, at Benjamin Adlard Primary School we attempt in as many cases as we can to develop and build on children’s English and Math’s skills in all other areas of the curriculum.

At the bottom of this page you can download our Long Term Curriculum Plan, and our Year Group Maths and English Long Term plans.

Phonics Schemes

We currently use ‘Letters and Sounds’ as our phonics scheme. Teachers and children often use supporting resources from ‘Phonics Play’ and ‘Jolly Phonics’.

Foundation Stage

The Nursery and Reception Classes in our school follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is based on seven areas of learning.

The 3 Prime Areas of Learning

Communication and Language Personal and Social Education Physical Development.

The 4 Specific Areas of Learning

Literacy Mathematics Knowledge of the World Expressive Art and Design.

The children take part in child led and adult led activities based around Imaginative Learning Projects.

Visit the class pages to find out more about the exciting Learning Projects the children are doing this term.


Cornorstones Topic Plan 2018-19 [ WORD, 17.78 KB ]
Year 1 English long term overview [ WORD, 76.53 KB ]
Year 2 English long term overview [ WORD, 80.9 KB ]
Year 3 English long term overview [ WORD, 81.2 KB ]
Year 4 English long term overview [ WORD, 81.83 KB ]
Year 5 English long term overview [ WORD, 83.77 KB ]
Year 6 English long term overview [ WORD, 80.37 KB ]
Above is our English Long term overviews
Year 1 Maths long term overview [ WORD, 111 KB ]
Year 2 Maths long term overview [ WORD, 127.5 KB ]
Year 3 Maths long term overview [ WORD, 142.5 KB ]
Year 4 Maths long term overview [ WORD, 162.5 KB ]
Year 5 Maths long term overview [ WORD, 174 KB ]
Challenge for All [ WORD, 46.8 KB ]
A brief overview of how we challenge all learners at Benjamin Adlard.
Year 6 Maths long term overview [ WORD, 155 KB ]
Above is our Maths long term overviews
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