At Benjamin Adlard Primary school, we believe all children and adults deserve to have an enjoyable, happy and safe lunchtime. To encourage children to do their best and achieve we follow the procedures below when dealing with behaviour at lunch time. Our expectations for behaviour centre on our golden rules.

The Benjamin Adlard Golden rules.

  • We are always gentle with words and actions
  • We are kind, helpful, respectful and polite
  • We listen carefully to instructions and to others when they talk
  • We always do your best
  • We take pride in the environment and respect property
  • We are always honest and always tell the truth

Children and staff are expected to follow them at all times. These golden rules help the school community to function harmoniously, so that everyone can achieve their full

At lunch time we follow a clear set of procedures. Children will first be given warnings about their behaviour and the golden rules will be used to remind children of expected behaviours. If children fail to follow the golden rules a clear set of consequences will follow. Additionally we like to celebrate children’s achievements and a lunchtime reward system will also work side by side with warnings and sanctions. Listed below are behaviours which children will receive warnings/ isolation for.

On rare occasions more serious incidents may occur and a member of the SLT will be sent for immediately. Decisions will be made in line with school policy to the actions the school needs to take. These behaviours could include;

  1. Fighting
  2. Foul and abusive language/ threatening behaviour to staff or pupils
  3. Alleged bullying
  4. Substance misuse

Incidents requiring verbal warnings/ isolation

  1. Failure to follow instructions
  2. Rudeness to staff
  3. Aggression to other pupils
  4. Play fighting or rough play
  5. inappropriate language
  6. Improper use of the play equipment

Procedure for discipline/ dealing with poor choices

  1. Verbal Warning given(Remind children of golden rules) - Name written inside lunch time book (Mrs Aisthorpe)
  2. Second warning on a same day- Lunch time isolation in the hall (Name in book)
  3. If a child is in lunchtime isolation more than once in a week they are sent to Mr Coy or SLT for further isolation in the leadership office (Letter sent home to parents)
  4. Continued poor behaviour in the week parents asked to attend meeting in school. (Early help assessment filled out)
  5. Continued repeated poor behaviours may result in children being asked to be collected at lunch times (Lunch time exclusion)

Rewards: Lunch Time Stars

Any children showing amazing behaviours will be given a gold star to write name on and be put in a box for Friday assembly- At Friday celebration Assembly –Children’s names are read out and asked to stand up in assembly. These children will receive an extra gold star on their reward chart.

School Dinners

School dinners are provided by St Georges Primary School. They can be ordered daily at the price of £2.35 for children who are not entitled to free school meals. Please let reception know if your child has special dietary requirements as this can be organised with the provider. Information about free school meals and how to apply can be collected at the school office.

If you choose to provide your child with a packed lunch, it must not require the use of a fridge, oven, kettle or microwave. Please try to send your child to school with a healthy packed lunch. Please come and ask a member of SLT if you have any questions about this. We do not allow fizzy drinks in school. All children are provided with the option of water or milk. Alternatively parents have the right to withdraw their children from school between 12.10pm and 1.10pm to organise their own lunch time arrangements.


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